Operating from a small workshop in the Norfolk countryside, I left behind a career in graphic design to follow a passion for applying creative skills in a hands-on environment designing hand turned pots and bowls, lamps, lighting and home decor.


I focus on creating one-off or limited number pieces from locally sourced hardwoods or salvaged materials, investing time and thought in making contemporary handcrafted products using the modern and traditional skills. Each piece is made individually and has its own characteristics, small batches of a design are made very similar to each other but never exactly the same emphasising the nature of natural materials and handcrafted products.

My work can be practical or decorative but all work should have narrative or backstory.  A selection of pieces which need homes are available in the online shop.

Commission Projects

Commission pieces can be furniture, lighting or home decor gifts based client requirements. This love of creating individual pieces overflows into more off-the-wall projects including event props and storytelling aids.

Challenging what we consider to be waste or no longer useable and using new materials as efficiently as possible continues to influence my thinking. With some  creative thinking materials such as wood, metal or glass have the potential to become something which hints at past use but has the quality of something new.

Ideas, comments or questions about my work are always welcome or if you would like to discuss a project, please get in touch.